What i do

I Offer unconventional executive business growth coaching and networking expertise to help you: 

  • Develop a clear strategy for growth, personally and professionally

  • Improve business skills to complement technical acumen 

  • Transform the way you network and grow your referrals system to achieve your goals

  • Improve work culture, team motivation and connection to foster high performance activity 

  • Develop new ways of thinking and learn new techniques to bring your career and business vision to life 

  • Feel motivated and inspired again in order to thrive in all areas of your life 

"Gordon’s partnership creates a progressing balance between coaching, mentoring, informing and challenging the status quo. This has helped me develop the right relationships (to move forward strategically), be creative in delivering critical messages and grow my leadership capability, credibility and results. People say change is hard. Indeed it is; however, effective change is much more achievable with Gordon by your side."

Michael Plant, Executive Leader

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To become who you need to be, you need to stop doing what you’ve always done.

why work with me

You have hit a plateau, with the deep knowing that you have so much more potential within you that you just don’t know how to bring to life. 

What you have always done has gotten you to where you are now - successful “on paper”, yet unfulfilled, and feeling like something is “missing”.

It’s time for unconventional growth; to defy the conventional text book of how to succeed and reconnect with your true DNA in order to thrive in your business, in your career and your personal life. 

Who I work with

Entrepreneurs and their teams 

Executive Professionals and future leaders 

What they really need

A trusted advisor to work shoulder to shoulder with, that understands them and their needs.

A clear strategy for growth, professionally and personally. 

To grow a trusted network that provides opportunities and referrals .

Structure, support and strategic solutions to bring their business and career vision to life.

Real, immediate, sustainable results, fast.

real results, fast

Facilitated workshops unravelling 30 hours of extra time per month; 21% increase on current revenue untapped.

Helped a senior manager engage 65 new clients in a 3-month period vs 8 new clients over the previous 12 months.

Group mentored a financial services (FTE 30) to execute over 200 referrals generating 65% uplift in revenue within a 6-month period.

Advised Engineering firm to change focus on digital strategy/spend. Saved $0.25m in advertising costs and generated 12 referrals/enquiries from 25 clients in 14 days.

Increased active client base from 1,000 to 18,000 in 3 months, purely by refocusing approach to current client base.

Helped a financial services team increase funds from $1bn to $5bn in 3 years by being their executive lead.

Uncovered over $2m pa in ‘lost’ time for a large firm, providing clarity with a different approach delivering $1.25m uplift in revenue.

Helped a Senior Engineer succeed in their next career move by adopting an out-of-the-square approach to land their dream role as we knew that the ‘normal’ approach wasn’t working.

Senior Industrial Relations Executive partnered in a short term program to assist with the next career move, including interview process, negotiations and first 90 days in the role.

Helped a Senior Marketing & Communications Executive exit from their previous role by providing support during their next career move as well as on-going executive coaching in their new company.

Sold over 3,000 copies of first book within 12 months with $0 on advertising, simply doing what I coach.

"I have worked with Gordon over a period of 12 months when I was looking to establish myself in the finance industry. I found Gordon's expertise and insights throughout this period to be invaluable to me in helping set really solid foundations for my career and the immediate network of professionals I wanted to deal with. Gordon has also played a role in introducing me to professionals that I otherwise would not have had access to. I would recommend Gordon to anyone that wants to get to their next level and have fun doing it!"

Dylan Day, Finance Broker

how we work together

1 on 1 Executive Coaching 

Workshops and Seminars

The entrepreneurs and executives that I have teamed up with include:

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All the talks are highly interactive and relevant, using real life examples. They are designed for an audience to take away and implement immediately into their business and career, without any additional investment (human or technology).

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"It is rare that you come across such a standout public speaker, coach and facilitator as Gordon. He has an uncanny ability to command the room and motivate others to achieve their vision and goals. And best of all, Gordon always makes it fun! I have no hesitation in recommending Gordon to any organisation as a quality presenter, coach, mentor or facilitator.

Geoff Donovan, Founder of Purpose Law

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As a kid at school, I was bullied daily and told I was “dumb”.

About me

I had trouble learning the conventional way at school and was later diagnosed with Dyslexia. I couldn’t let it define me, I just had to learn how to do things in an unconventional way. 

I spent 25 years in the corporate world. At different parts of my career, I climbed the ladder to become a C-Level Executive of a large global finance firm and CEO of a large Australian financial services firm.

I was responsible for multi-million dollar budgets and large international teams. I helped transform the organisation, enhanced the team culture, grew our network, and achieved bottom line growth, year after year.

Yet, whilst I was successful “on paper”, I was deeply unfulfilled. 

My wife, Wendy, went in for a double lung transplant and was told that she had less than a year to live. In a very short time, I moved from “global CEO” to carer.

This experience made me realise how important life is, that no matter how successful, influential and wealthy I am, if my life isn’t filled with doing what I love, with people I love, it isn't worth it. 

My philosophy

I want to make every day count and so do my clients. 

I’m not a conventional business growth coach and networking expert.

I’m a square peg in a round hole and a big advocate of the underdog.

I’m here to help ordinary people, like me, achieve extraordinary and meaningful outcomes, everyday. 

"Working with Gordon has been a challenging but rewarding experience. He is a straight talking, brutally honest business professional who held me accountable in my personal and business goals which I went on to achieve. He motivated me, believed in me and taught me to believe in myself in order to move forward. If you need help with achieving your business and personal goals - or just want someone to give you a good kick to move in the right direction, Gordon is most definitely your man!"

Zoe G, National Marketing Executive Manager


Gordon Jenkins is the humorous and straight-talking international authority on visibility and business growth.

He helps entrepreneurs and professionals breakthrough their plateau and is an accomplished entrepreneur, professional speaker, executive coach, motivator, and the international author of Network with Purpose – Transform Your Skills in 4 Simple Steps.

His ability to connect with diverse groups of people is both intriguing and compelling. He helps invisible go-getters become visible by networking with purpose, and improving their business strategies to achieve sustainable business growth and personal life goals.

Gordon’s success and that of his clients stems from the strong belief that it’s okay not to conform to the system, it’s refreshing to be different, and that being the square peg in the round hole is not a bad thing. He is the supporter of the underdog and his purpose is to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary and meaningful outcomes everyday.

Gordon Jenkins facilitates growth that aligns with individuals’ values and strengths to achieve success that is meaningful to them. He embraces living with purpose, passion, and maximising every opportunity and everyday to lead a full and rich life.

P.S. You’ll never see Gordon without Banfi The Duck who has become a symbol of hope and optimism through life’s challenges.

Get in touch

Based in Melbourne Victoria, Gordon works with clients nationally and internationally. 

+61 1300 614 313 | +61 414 414 481


Level 7, 575 Bourke Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia