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Motivational speaking

When people are giving up their time to listen to a motivational speaker, it needs to be worth their while.

They don’t want to hear the same old thing they’ve heard a million times before. They want to be enlightened. They want actionable content delivered by someone relatable.

They want to leave feeling inspired to live better and DO better.

I can make that happen. My straight-talking, thought-provoking presentations are proven to energise and motivate the most apathetic audience.

From the moment I introduce my sidekick, Banfi the rubber duck, your audience will know that they are in for an exciting ride. One that’ll make them laugh, think, reflect and take action.

"Gordon’s engaging presentation and amazing story telling was captivating and thought-provoking right from the start.

He was inquisitive, questioned ‘why’ and pushed the boundaries while staying respectful and professional.

I left the room feeling energised and thinking about what I can do NOW to achieve my passion.”

Natalie Burrows | Head of Corporate Sales, Medibank

Talk topics

Unconventional growth:

Defying what the textbook tells you.

We’re all different. And yet for some unfathomable reason, the textbook tells us to follow the same path to success. Is it any wonder we’re not getting the results we want?

In our fast-paced world, people are craving human connection and out-of-the-box thinking. If you want to stand out and develop real relationships, you need to transform your beliefs on networking and business growth.

In this captivating talk, I’ll inspire you to throw out the textbook and harness your individuality to fuel your growth.

Who’s on your plane?

Get off the bus and learn to fly.

For years you’ve focussed on getting the right people on the bus. Problem is, you’ve chosen the wrong mode of transport.

The bus doesn’t cut it in our fast-paced world – it leaves you stuck in traffic jams feeling frustrated. If you want to reach our destination more efficiently, you need to board a plane.

And not just any plane. You need a plane that is fast, well maintained and filled with the right people. It’s all about generating meaningful relationships and strengthening your purpose. I’ll show you how to confidently take off, get to your destination fast, and enjoy the journey.

I’ll show you how to confidently take off, get to your destination fast, and enjoy the journey.

Network with purpose:

How to connect and thrive in a challenging world.

In our digital world it’s easy to get caught up in shallow connections and vanity metrics – swiping left or right on dating apps and collecting ‘likes’ on Instagram. While that might work for a quick hook-up or self-esteem boost, it doesn’t work for long term business success.

If you want to achieve real results, you need to create a network that is qualified, focussed and relevant.

In this frank and actionable talk, I’ll show you how to grow a meaningful network of clients, referrals and connections to grow your business.

No fluff or filler, just battle-tested tactics that are proven to work, even if you hate networking.

The birth of Banfi:

How a yellow rubber duck revolutionised my life.

You may think a successful businessman carrying a yellow rubber duck in his pocket is a tad odd. You may wonder if it’s a gimmick. It’s not. Banfi the yellow rubber duck represents a defining moment in my life, one I never want to forget.

When my wife was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, my world turned upside down. I left my lucrative corporate career to become a full-time carer. At my lowest point, Banfi became my symbol of hope and strength.

In this raw and brutally honest talk, I’ll share how Banfi inspires me to get up, keep fighting, and live with no regrets.

Make every day count:

Get off the treadmill and get ahead, your way.

One of my favourite quotes is by Muhammad Ali who said, “Don’t count the days, make the days count”. Too often we get caught up in what’s gone wrong in the past which depletes our energy and limits our growth.

If we want to achieve real, sustainable results we have to move past our fear, let go of our excuses and trust the process.

I will share the life-defining moments that changed my perspective, helped me embrace my individuality, and build a life filled with intent, purpose and meaningful moments. The audience will leave feeling inspired to do the same.

“It is rare that you come across such a standout public speaker, coach and facilitator as Gordon.

He has an uncanny ability to command the room and motivate others to achieve their vision and goals. And best of all, Gordon always makes it fun!

I have no hesitation in recommending Gordon to any organisation as a quality presenter, coach, mentor and facilitator.”

Geoff Donovan | Founder of Purpose Law

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